Mailing List Message #5820
From: Dave Burns <>
Subject: Re: Problems switching from dedicated IP to Firewall
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 12:21:23 -0700
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>

I read a message regarding another problem that reffered to editing the
hosts file in the system folder. So I edited the file and added the servers
behind the firewall and everything started working. I don't really
understand why I had to do that to make it work, but it did.


on 4/25/00 7:12 AM, Jeff Alpher at wrote:
> In my earlier msg, I had forgotten I had a problem when upgrading to IPNR
> 1.4.8. Everything seemed to work execept couldn't see the mail server on
> the LAN. After some exhaustive testing in conjunction w/ the developer of
> IPNR, he suggested I downgrade to 1.4.7. That fixed it. It may be fixed
> beyond 1.4.8, but haven't upgraded.
> Jeff

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