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From: Serge Belleudy-d'Espinose <>
Subject: Accounts folder hierarchy
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 01:33:11 +0200
To: SIMS Discussions <>
>btw, another question - I seem to recall having read here (but can't find
>it) that one could use subfolders in the accounts folder ? I have tried
>and it didn't seem to work. Using 1.8b8. Can anyone shed a light on this ?

I don't remember exactly the URL of the help page, but you can access it
starting from the history page - there is a _hierarchy_ link.

As for how it works... You can create a folder called a*! (* is option @)
and put all your accounts starting with a 'a' inside - and eventually their
accompanying files and folders. You can further more split between aa*!,
ab*! etc. inside a*!.
When SIMS looks for the 'albert' accounts, it first checks at the root of
its accounts folder. If it finds the file, the search is over. If it
doesn't, but there's a folder called 'a*!', it looks inside 'a*!'. If it
finds the file, the search is over, or there is a folder called 'al*!' etc.
This is true for existing files. New ones are allways created at the root -
eventually you will find a bug; ask Stalker to send you the latest beta
that fixes it.


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