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Subject: Forwarding w/text feature?
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 16:18:30 -0700
To: <>
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I am wondering how this can be done (I think it would be a nice feature
to SIMS):

My SIMS has a few dozen accounts where all I do is relay (forward) all
emails to another address.  SIMS allows me to add "X-mirrored-by"
headers, but how can I also add a few lines of text (message) to the top
or bottom of each forwarded email?

Many of these clients are not computer savvy (don't understand headers,
or the Internet for that matter), and, as an example, I would like to
add a line or two that says "This email is being forwarded to you from
your SAMPLE.COM email account."

The message may also say that the email is being forwarded from their
SAMPLE.COM email account, and to report any spam to
(Nowadays many ISPs handle spam by blocking the most recent server, even
if X-mirrored, so the text message may help clue in my client or his ISP
that my SIMS is not an open relay for spam.)

Anyway, it would be cool if SIMS had this feature.  Each SIMS account
could have this new field (X # of characters of text, and an on-off
check box), but I realize it would require reprogramming the current
account record format.

Are there any 3rd party alternatives (or the full CommuniGate), similar
to how Welcome works with WebSTAR?

Thanks.  Eric.

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