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Subject: RE: Selective domain aliasing
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 23:05:45 -0700
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> Generalizing, you have:
> <a@b> = b-a
> b = c
> Peter has
> b = c
> you suggested adding
> <a@c> = a-c
> The results are not the same.

They're not indended to be but the principal is the same.  They're not the
same because we need to do two different things.  The principal stands
however that you're redirecting the mail at the account level before doing
it at the domain level.  You say that the replaced email is send back
through the router.  Great, perfect.  So in Peters case
gets turned into and sent back through the router
for delivery to the infoasis-info account.  Thus since I told him to rename
info to infoasis-info, mail sent to info@anyotherdomain would bounce because
the account doesn't exist.

I have:
<info@SecondaryDomain>=SecondaryDomain-info (but you could call it anything
you wanted)

Because I want info@allsecondarydomains to get through to their respective
info accounts, but I don't have an info@primarydomain so that bounces.  He
wants the opposite.

Peter has:
SecondaryDomain=PrimaryDomain (just like me, but the difference is I have no
account at all called "info", so that's why I suggested to delete or rename
the info account)

Then I suggested:
<info@PrimaryDomain>=PrimaryDomain-info (there is still no info account but
there is a PrimaryDomain-info account)

Thus mail sent to info@PrimaryDomain get's delivered
mail sent to info@SecondaryDomain does not get delivered unless you create
other <info@otherdomain>=otherdomain-info type entries near the top of the

Craig Bowers

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