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From: Darrin Cardani <>
Subject: How to properly setup an internal mail server?
Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 08:37:52 -0700
To: <sims>
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I have SIMS running at a customer site for internal mail for about 5
people. Their network is setup in such a way that they have several
machines (including the email server) behind a firewall, and going
through a router. All of their machines have addresses like 192.168.42.x,
including the email server. I can easily setup their email program so
they can all exchange email internally. (They're all using Outlook for
Windows.) However, when they attempt to send email out to the internet,
most servers reject it because the address of their mail server is bogus
(192.168.42.x). They assume that it's someone trying to send spam.

The obvious solution is to put the mail server on the other side of the
firewall, or at least get a valid static ip for it and allow mail traffic
through the firewall. Unfortunately, my customer is renting their
bandwidth from their neighbors, and have no control over things like
that. I've spoken with their neighbors to see if we could setup something
like that, but their neighbors don't seem to understand what I'm talking

So my question is this: what are my options? There are probably only 2
users who will need to send email to the outside world and get responses
back. They both have outside accounts that they can use as the return
address. The problem is that the other email servers are rejecting any
email they send because the address of their server is bogus. What can I
do about it?


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