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From: Peter Lalor <>
Subject: Re: Selective domain aliasing
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 09:46:59 -0700
To: <>
From: Peter Lalor <>

We have a few domains that, usually for historical reasons, are aliased in the router like this:

This creates problems when mail is sent to an address that exists only in the domain, such as "info", in which case mail to the nonexistent ends up in the mailbox.

Is there any way to bounce such mail without migrating everything to


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From: "Systems" <>
Sure, rename your info account to infoasis-info (or whatever).  Then create
router entries for the domains that do have info accounts, ie.
<> = infoasis-info, thus would bounce
because there is no such account.

Craig Bowers

I'm not having luck with this. I renamed info to infoasis-info and put <>=infoasis-info in the router. When I send mail to, it bounces with User Unknown. The log:

09:32:33 5 ROUTER Input: info(
09:32:33 5 ROUTER Parser: -> info(
09:32:33 5 ROUTER Input: info()
09:32:33 5 ROUTER Parser: info -> info()
09:32:33 1 SMTP-637([]) SPAM? Recipient '<>' rejected: user unknown

Granted, there's a lot in my router, and in fact many lines of the form <user@domain>=account, but doesn't work for some reason. There are no other lines in the router that affect info that I can see, but something must be. Or?

Please CC me on this topic; I get the digest.


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