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From: Andrew R. Schmiechen <>
Subject: Re: I am SO confused SIMS w/ or w/o communigator; please help
Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 09:22:52 -0500
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
You're getting confused by names.  Communigator is a free application which
you will need to administer the Stalker mail servers.  Stalker makes three
different mail servers: SIMS (Stalker Internet Mail Server), CommuniGate
Pro, and CommuniGate.  The CommuniGate products are commercial products that
require payment.  SIMS is a freeware product, and is free to use.

If I'm not mistaken, Communigator will administer both SIMS and CommuniGate.

Why use SIMS over EIMS?  SIMS is free, extremely stable, actively supported
by a great community and company, and, did I mention, free?


> From: <> (SIMS Discussions)
> Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 05:00:19 -0700
> To: <> (SIMS Discussions)
> Subject: SIMS Digest #1082
> I am getting ready to move to SIMS from an early version of AIMS.
> I downloaded comminigator to administer it.  Now my question is
> about what is free and what is not with Communigator.
> At first I thought that once i got it up and running all mail
> would have a header that sez something to the effect that ."..sent with
> a trial version of commingator"
> until we paid
> but when I called STALKER, i was told that this wouldn't happen unless i
> used Comm. Pro.
> but somehow that doesn't seem right with the documentation i downloaded.
> I don't mind paying, i just want to understand.
> Also If you are running SIMS without communigator, HOW do you administer
> it without the communigator interface?????
> ALSO, I was looking at EIMS and was wondering why people choose SIMS
> over EIMS.
> please be patient with these newbie questions. thanks

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