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From: Aaron Lynch <>
Subject: Re: I love Macs!
Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 15:40:56 -0700
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
on 5/8/00 3:31 PM, Kreme at wrote:

> At 22:51 5/7/2000, you wrote:
>> I don't have OS8.6 or I'd try it out here first:  would it be possible to
>> use the folder actions to trigger on any changes to the folder holding new
>> messages, catching each new message file before it gets processed by SIMS,
>> and checking for it that way?
> 1. The folder would have to be open, and on a busy server that would be a
> nightmare all by itself (we all know how well MacOS handles folders with
> thousands of items...)
> 2. You would have to be able to whisk the file away in that brief instant
> of time between when SIMS finishes writing it and SIMS starts processing it.

Yeah, dammit stalker, it's too damned fast!

then again, if #1 is true, and you had a few thousand items, #2 shouldn't be
a problem  :)

This is all kinda a red herring aint it?  I know we all wanna squeeze every
possible ounce out of SIMS but this 'feature' might be a tad over the top...


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don't believe this to be a coincidence.
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