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From: Bill Cole <>
Subject: Re: I love Macs!
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 19:04:45 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 3:40 PM -0700 5/8/00, Aaron Lynch  imposed structure on a stream of
electrons, yielding:
>on 5/8/00 3:31 PM, Kreme at wrote:
>> At 22:51 5/7/2000, you wrote:
>>> I don't have OS8.6 or I'd try it out here first:  would it be possible to
>>> use the folder actions to trigger on any changes to the folder holding new
>>> messages, catching each new message file before it gets processed by SIMS,
>>> and checking for it that way?
[... problems snipped]
>This is all kinda a red herring aint it?  I know we all wanna squeeze every
>possible ounce out of SIMS but this 'feature' might be a tad over the top...

Simple means of implementation that amounts to nothing but a hook for
enterprising admins: split the queue. Provide an option for the delivery
into the Queue to go into one folder with dequeueing being done from
another folder. This way the admin can write anything he likes to
determine what gets tossed over the wall from receipt to delivery.

At least it *SEEMS TO ME* that this would be a simple way for Stalker to
offer a feature hook without ripping up SIMS too much. The SMTP and POP
delivery procedures could look to the dequeueing folder, with the SMTP
receiver, Submitted folder handler, and POP XMIT  receiver could all dump
into enqueueing folder.  Your favorite script could do the movement of

As for that slowing things down, that is certainly the case. The desired
features this provides are intrinsically slow. Plumbing it with the OS8.6+
folder watching stuff is probably a bad idea, as I expect it would be too
slow and unacceptable to bind it to whether a folder is open on the
desktop.  It would be better to write a simple monitor aimed at this
function, or accept a little delay and run something with a scheduler like

Bill Cole

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