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From: Anubis <>
Subject: Re: I love Macs!
Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 01:50:39 -0400
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
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That would be possibly the best way to handle it, I see no reason why one
couldn't then make an alias of 'enqueue' named 'dequeue' (or whatever) to
choose _not_ to use this feature.
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>From: Wayne Irvine <>
>To: <> (SIMS Discussions)
>Subject: Re: I love Macs!
>Date: Mon, May 8, 2000, 1:30 AM

> Anubis at wrote:
>> would it be possible to
>> use the folder actions to trigger on any changes to the folder
> What we need is to have files dropped into one folder, but picked up from
> another. That way we have a folder action on the first folder which triggers
> a scan of the document, them moves it to the next folder. SIMS picks it up
> from there.
> I could be way off the ball but has anyone tried ResEditing SIMS to achieve
> this.
> Wayne Irvine
>                   Byte Services Pty Ltd
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