Mailing List Message #5960
From: Kaj Schermer Didriksen <>
Subject: Setup of the antispam i 1.8b7
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 10:12:27 -0700
To: <sims>
Hi all

Im new here but did not find any help in the archive on this:

Im a small mailhoster running 15 domains on my mac with SIMS 1.8b7

My router setup is:

<*> = info-*
<*> =
<*> = signalgrafik-*
<*> = frischdata-*
<*> = fac-*
<*> = buchs-*
<*> = vaerket-*
<*> = verikon-*
<*> = danalight-*
<*> = daroe-*
<*> = kebo-*
<*> = jensens-*
<*> =

My mailserver has been blacklisted because I dont do any antispam.

I have set up SIMS to verify Return Paths and that all. I know this doesnt
cut it, but im in the dark as to what else I have to do.

My clients log on to sims from different domains(IPs) through different IPS.
I dont have the IP numbers to put in the Client Hosts list nor do I want do
use the 30sec limit that I can set up in the POP module.

So what do I do?


Kaj Schermer Didriksen

"Professionelle internetlÝsninger"

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