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From: Systems <>
Subject: RE: Can OE/Win do APOP?
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 10:31:36 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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> If you mean Bias based on my knowledge of a superior product (Eudora)
> versus an inferior product (OE); yes, I am biased.

All I'm saying is that your words "better" and "superior" are somewhat
subjective.  It depends on what aspects you're referring to.  I don't use
OE, but then I don't use Eudora either.  It's not up to us as Mail server
administrators start "making" users use OUR preference of email software.
There are some entrenched freedom issues in that(though somewhat differnent
in some corporate environments), insofar as those applications do not
interfere with the operation of our servers or impact on other users.  The
issues alluded to here so far have been in reference to the handling of
executable code, and likely in a smaller part to the interface.  Those
issues affect the end user not us.  The most prevalent issue for us would
likely be a few extra un-needed lines in our log files.  Hardly high crimes
and misdemeanors and grounds for banning it from our servers.

If everyone agreed that Eudora was better in every respect then there
wouldn't be such a huge percentage of the market using OE, especially since
just about every software package I've seen handed out by ISP's includes a
copy of Eudora, even dating back to before OE even existed.

As to autoexecuting viri, I would agree there are issues there, which
hopefully will be addressed by the patches being issued next week.  However
none of my users have every been bitten by any in 4 years, so I still
maintain that it's a user training issue more than anything.  Additionally
preview-pane activated executables are quite rare and overhyped.  And
further, Trend Micro reported that the lovebug virus affected Lotus Notes
users in part as well.

It may well just be me, but I'm just growing weary of what feels like
knee-jerk anti-MS sentiment, can't would it not be easier on the eyes to
make helpful suggestions without hanging our socio-polital views out
there...  (question mark omitted I guess since I'm not really looking for an
answer or interested in prolonging this thread).

Craig Bowers

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