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Subject: RE: Can OE/Win do APOP?
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 16:07:39 -0700
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> That's a specious argument.

That's an oppinion.

Isn't it fun how we can label things?

> Because Microsoft has never patched the security hole to date,
> and that is
> that open access to the address book and to the MAPI interface.  The
> securoty hole is not, as MSFT would like to have you believe, a
> little hole
> they can patch, it's a fundamental design principal in Outlook and
> OE.  It's an integral part of Windows 95, 98, NT 4, and Win2K.

You would explain this how, then?

> This one is interesting mostly because it exploits a specific version of
> Eudora Pro.  That is 4.0.  Not 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, or any 3.0 version
> either.  And it behaves mostly as any other virus, run the
> attachment, get
> infected. This is still not nearly as damaging as some of the OE
> viruses.  It does require action by the user to activate the virus and it
> does not flood mailservers with copies of itself.

This is where you get back to the bias part...

biˇas (bs)

A preference or an inclination, especially one that inhibits impartial
An unfair act or policy stemming from prejudice.

Source: The American HeritageŽ Dictionary of the English Language, Third

> My problem with Outlook and Outlook Express is the built-in
> "feature" that
> any program can access the address book and send mail without the user's
> interaction.  As long as this "feature" is in place, Outlook and Outlook
> Express will be dangerous.

Again, see above.

Craig Bowers

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