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From: Tod Fitch <>
Subject: Re: adding dialup IPs to Blacklists
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 10:40:00 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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At 08:53 AM 5/19/2000 , Larry Scott Hastings wrote:
How do I include dialup IPs in my blacklists?

I'm using <> as my RBL server; are dialup IPs included in this RBL?  I've looked at the MAPS website, but I can't tell - I suspect not.

Will I need to upgrade to the beta (I'm using 1.7 now) and use both <> and <>?  I try to avoid beta software...

If you upgrade to 1.8b8 (or later?) you will have a location in your SMTP setup for specifying RBL servers (note the plural) to be used. Mine is set to: "Please see" "Please see" "Please see"

Then in your Blacklisted hosts you need to add 127.x.x.x. addresses for each type of abuse you wish to block. You can check the various mail abuse web sites to see what 127.x.x.x. addresses correspond to what kind of block. I set mine to:

To block everything.

Anyway, you will have to upgrade from v1.7 to do this. So far v1.8b8 have been very stable for me and from what I can tell for others on this list.

Tod Fitch

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