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From: Bill Cole <>
Subject: Re: adding dialup IPs to Blacklists
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 14:39:09 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 10:53 AM -0500 5/19/00, Larry Scott Hastings  imposed structure on a
stream of electrons, yielding:
>How do I include dialup IPs in my blacklists?
>I'm using <> as my RBL server; are dialup IPs included in
>this RBL?  I've looked at the MAPS website, but I can't tell - I suspect

The MAPS RBL does not include dialups. It cannot because unlike any other
blacklist the RBL is also distributed as a BGP feed to routers,
blackholing ALL traffic from listed IP addresses.

The MAPS DUL (dialup user list) includes all the dialups the DUL staff can
find, and is usable just as the RBL is. MAPS also has the RSS list (Relay
Spam Stopper) which lists simple open relays.

The reason for multiple lists is both technical and philosophical. The RBL
is incorrigible intentional bad actors. You don't get an IP on the RBL
without resisting polite detailed explanations for why and a chance to fix
the problem. The RBL staff takes a lot of heat for their patience with
nominees, because they are very careful to give every nominee a chance to
reform.  The RSS is harsher and more objective: if a mail server allows
open relay it is listed. They do not list some sorts of 'multi-level'
relay (where multiple servers in 'smarthost' relationships effectively
make for an open relay) but they hit all the obvious cases where basic
competence in a single entity would cure the relay. DUL lists dialups and
is separate because it MUST be handled differently. There is no negative
connotation to an IP address being on the DUL. If you have roaming users,
the DUL can be a headache. If you have your own dialups listed in the DUL
(a good thing) you have to make sure that you also explicitly recognize
them as clients addresses.

>Will I need to upgrade to the beta (I'm using 1.7 now) and use both
><> and <>?  I try to avoid beta

A beta from Stalker is safer than a sendmail x.x.0 release.

I have been using 1.8b8 for quite a while with no problems, and many
others here have as well. I would not go for the special-request 'd'
version unless you run into a problem that the Stalker folks say is fixed
in them, but the betas have been consistently solid with only one
exception that I can recall.

Bill Cole

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