Mailing List Message #6030
From: Glenn Gutierrez <>
Subject: Odd SYSTEM Account log entry
Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 05:35:03 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
Any idea what was attempted here this morning?

02:55:06 0 SYSTEM The current date is Monday, May 22, 2000
02:55:06 1 SMTP-334([]) SPAM? Host is blacklisted per RBL with result []
02:55:09 0 SYSTEM Account {,, ou=Netscape Servers} Resources open failed. Error Code=-43
02:55:09 1 SMTP {,, ou=Netscape Servers} AUTH failed: password(csGViwdQLO) is wrong. Connection from []

I've seen that string of characters in the logs before (cn= ou=), but hadn't noticed it cause a SYSTEM Account action. Hoping it's "just" a spammer trying to relay.

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