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Subject: RE: adding dialup IPs to Blacklists
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 09:32:49 -0700
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> Which brings up three things I have been wondering about.
> (1) I am currently using ORBS,  Is it possible to use more than
> one (ORBS &
> MAPS RBL for instance) at a time?

Yes, assuming you're using 1.8B8

> (2) I set up ORBS in the blacklist field, but is there anything further
> that I have to do in the router, or elsewhere?

By setting up orbs, you mean adding in your blacklist?
Other than that just ensure that
your Anti-Spam Options are all enabled:
Relay for Clients Only
Verify Return Paths
Use Blacklist DNS Server(s): RBL Server List (see below)

> (3) Is there any way to edit the text of the error message that
> is returned
> when email is blacklisted?

Yes.  You can edit the SIMS resources (see the the list archive), or you can
append to it as below.

[Reposting Steve Linford]
To use MAPS RBL, MAPS RSS and MAPS DUL, just put the following into the RBL
DNS Servers list in SIMS 1.8b8: "Please see" "Please see" "Please see"

The message strings "Please see..." will be appended to the bounce message
so that whoever gets the bounce will know the reason why.
[end repost]

All of this is in the list archive.

Craig Bowers

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