Mailing List Message #6053
From: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Subject: Re: MOL and SIMS
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 14:06:51 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
I just got my LinuxPPC 2000 box this morning (complete with "Think Linux"
T-Shirt) and the machine I want to install it on (an old 4400) is my backup
mail MX currently running a second copy of SIMS, so I'm very pleased to
know I can still use SIMS with LinuxPPC, thanks!

Have fun with it. FWIW, the 4400 is a 603 machine, no? Just in case you aren't aware of it, MOL cannot runtime patch a 603 (yet, reliably). I learned how to do MOL on my home machine, a 6500 (also 603). I have some pointers at


My work machine, the one with SIMS, is a PTP with a G3 upgrade card in it, and everything was trivial. I've never gone to the trouble of compiling MOL, since the rpm has always worked flawlessly for me.

If you have only one Mac volume and you are using BootX, there is a small issue about getting it all to come up automatically (Mac, then BootX, then Linux, then MOL) in case of a power failure. I'm sure there is a solution, I just haven't gotten around to putting it together.

Stefan Jeglinski

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