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From: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Subject: Re: MOL and SIMS
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 15:02:18 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
 >Have fun with it. FWIW, the 4400 is a 603 machine, no? Just in case
 >you aren't aware of it, MOL cannot runtime patch a 603 (yet,
 >reliably). I learned how to do MOL on my home machine, a 6500 (also
 >603). I have some pointers at

I think your info is incomplete on this.  Yes, you can't runtime patch the
kernel for a 603(e).  However, you can run MOL.

Um, I never said you couldn't run it :-) Especially since I pointed out that my 6500 at home runs it. I was referring just to the runtime patching. It's mostly a trivial matter, but a FAQ for 603 users.

  You do need a Mac OS ROM
file and Mac OS 8.6 or better, but you can run MOL on any supported
machine.  You just need to recompile the kernel to enable MOL support.


Also, the 4400 is not a 603, it's a 603e and that's a world of difference,
believe me.

Granted. My 6500 is a 603ev and so is likely closer to the 603e than the 603, making this aspect even less of an issue here.

We should probably move this over to

Cross-posted there to begin with, but I don't think there's anything more to say :-) Mainly, it just works.

Stefan Jeglinski

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