Mailing List Message #6107
From: Heath <>
Subject: Maybe a little OT: SIMs and DNS
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 10:54:36 +0100
To: SIMS Discussions <>
Well finally I got my head around my Netscape/SIMS and the 43 second send delay....and its cured for one of my domains!

As usual ALL of you where right that told me it was DNS, and my ISP has now simply added an A record, by the look of it, so that when my user has their Netscape prefs/email address set to <user> it sends immediately (and doesn't wait 43 secs).

Problem I've got now is the other 11 or so domains I manage.....I take it I need to get this A record thing done for all of them to, that way an individual who doesn't work directly for Deepend and one of our group companies, can have all their details set to THAT companies name.

The question I have is why am I having to get these A records added, so that when I do an NSlookup, I get the IP number of my server? Surley this should happen by default @ the DNS?

Its always puzzled me that my server General Settings/Main Domain is (which obviously resolves to, but my main domain is of course why does my server have the inability to resolve this address (before the A record was added?)

Is it a fault of my ISP's DNS? or is it me and my end of things?

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