Mailing List Message #6169
From: Kreme <>
Subject: Re: Mailer-Daemon Warning - Illegal Seek
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 15:04:02 -0600
To: SIMS Discussions <>
X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Version 4.3.1
At 12:57 6/6/2000 -0700, you wrote:
Furthermore, the headers indicated that the message originated from SIMS.

Actually, nothing you posted included anything that would lead someone to believe the message was generated by SIMS.

In fact, Stalker's first response was:
The SMTP server at serving the domain replied with the SMTP error 451 to SIMS (or other server en route). 4xx error means a temporary problem.

My post was sent before I received the message in which you explained that was, in fact, your own server.

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