Mailing List Message #6172
From: Jerry Pasker <>
Subject: Re: Messege sent multiple times
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 13:13:16 -0500
To: SIMS Discussions <>
>I have a client that is making a huge deal over the fact that he recieved
>an email from our office 32 times. I have had many problems with this
>client in the past (his email is regularly screwed up, but he is one of
>those people that feels he is infalible, and anything in this world that
>goes wrong must have been someone else's fault... if he was pulled over
>for speeding, he would say the gas he was using was too efficient, and
>caused him to speed).
>I am looking into my logs, am I correct in assuming that if SIMS in fact
>sent the email 32 times, there should be 32 log entries for sending the
>mail. I am showing 6 different outbound (I assume different because of
>the SMTP number is different for each one), and 2 inbound.
>A: Am I reading the logs right, so that I can safely say that we in fact
>did not send the email 32 times (although I can't vouch for anything
>further into the chain then my SIMS server).
>B: Is there a way to see the subjects of an email listed in the log? Do I
>have to set it to log at a lower level (I left it at the default of
>logging problems).

I've experienced the same thing.  Usually, a user will fetch their email,
and when it hits message 2 of 7 (I will use this for my example) it'll sit
there.  So, they hit stop, and retry.  Their mailer pulls down the first
message again (because it never deleted it off the POP server, because it
was interrupted by a user) and hangs on 2 of 7 again.  Most of the time,
it's because 2 of 7, is a 4 MB (or other large number) attachment, and they
don't give it time to download.

However sometimes, and this is rare, message 2 of 7 will be just a simple
5-20 line email.  Outlook will hang on it for no apparent reason, other
than slightly malformed headers.  I can always use Eudora or Netscape to
pull down that user's mailbox, and then forward all the messages back to
them, one by one.  Now, they'll have the same messages, in the same order
(with slightly different headers) and be able to download them just fine.

This problem of hanging on small messages has NEVER been seen here on any
mailer except Outlook.
Yet another reason to scream "Look out!!  It's Outlook!"

Another strange twist is that the messages that Outlook gets hung up on
will always originate from the same domain (nearly always running VMS mail,
or some other strange creature).  I don't see how the sending server could
screw something up that would confuse a POP mailer though. (but this IS
Outlook we're talking about)  This is something that needs to be dealt with
by an SMTP kung fu master.


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