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From: Peter Lalor <>
Subject: Re: Any problem with using a g4 with SIMS
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 09:30:47 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
From: "Jesse Proudman" <>

 > I want to upgrade a b/w g3/300. We're considering a faster g3
 processor or a g4 processor. Are there any issues with SIMS that
 would prevent me from using a g4? Besides the speed bump are there
 any other advantages with SIMS and g4.

We are running SIMS on our G4/450 with 384 Megs of Ram.  We are running it
as our mailer for WebCatalog generated emails.  Works perfect.  On the other
hand, if it's just going to be an email server then this is over kill.  We
had SIMS running on a Power Computing Power Base 180 with 96 Megs of ram and
it was spewing more than 3 million messages a month.  That was about the max
it could do and it was more software based.  (Communigate Pro now running on
a Beige G3 233 w/ 198 Megs of Ram on OS X)

 > Also, if anyone has any experience or recommendations or problems
 doing this type of upgrade, please write privately.

Nope - Everything went smoothly for us.  Just make sure all your basic
things are in place:

Okay Dokay Pro
Change the Advanced Settings in OT

If by "Change the advanced settings in OT" you're referring to the need to uncheck "Load only when needed" on servers, this requirement was removed in OS 8.6 and later. They (correctly) don't unload TCP/IP when connected to Ethernet:

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