Mailing List Message #6213
From: Timothy Binder <>
Subject: Cannot resolve the domain name
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 15:58:09 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
I'm getting the following in my logs: (Ick on the word wrap, so I'm breaking
lines with an extra return)

09:29:31 2 SYSTEM [S.0000094572]
<> 1+0

09:30:04 1 SMTP-419( 'From' rejected, got 474
<> cannot resolve the domain name\r

09:30:04 3 SMTP [S.0000094572] delayed by 474
<> cannot resolve the domain name\r

When I do an MX query on the domain, I get:

Start: 6/12/00    3:53:59 PM
;; Query: ,type = MX , class = ANY

;; ANSWERS:    41040    IN    MX    10    41040    IN    MX    60    41040    IN    MX    50

;; AUTHORITY RECORDS:    79244    IN    NS

;; ADDITIONAL RECORDS:    172799    IN    A    83530    IN    A

DNR Query complete 6/12/00    3:53:59 PM  

So why can't SIMS resolve the domain? Is it because there's no A record for If so, does there legally have to be, since there seem to be
proper MX records?


"SCSI is *NOT* magic.   There are *fundamental technical reasons* why it
is necessary to sacrifice a young goat to your SCSI chain now and then."
                                                           -- John Woods

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