Mailing List Message #6233
From: Daniele Procida <>
Subject: routing domains to local users
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 15:09:59 -0700
To: <sims>
X-Mailer: CTM PowerMail 3.0.1 <>
I wonder if someone might be able to explain where I'm going wrong. This
is what I'm doing:

I have registered a few domains, and mail to these domains is forwarded
to  POP mailboxes at various ISPs. Mailtron Gateway picks up mail from
the mailboxes, and forwards it to SIMS. Various local users can then pick
up their mail from SIMS over the LAN.

The problem is that I want *all* mail to each domain to end up in one
SIMS mailbox. So <anyone> will go to a SIMS account
called "applejuice", <anyone> will go to one called
"yasmine" and so on. Unfortunately, messages arrive at SIMS - from
Mailtron - addressed to, sales@apple- and so on, and unless there is a SIMS account set up for the
particular user it is rejected.

I have tried the line: = <local>applejuice

in SIMS's Router (I thought this would do the trick) but I just get a message:

00:32:16 1 SMTP-004( Recipient '<>'
rejected: user unknown

Is there any way around this, or am I just missing something obvious?


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