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From: Christopher <>
Subject: Re: routing domains to local users
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 17:43:24 -0400
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Subject  :   Re: routing domains to local users
From     :   Daniele Procida <>
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Date     :   Sat Jun 17 22:19:20 2000

>Mike Yrabedra <> suggested:
>as an answer to the "user unknown" messages I get when trying to get a
>message to the server. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to make any
>difference. It seems that the messages aren't getting as far as the
>router, because SIMS is simply refusing to have anything to do with them.
>However, a little more experimenting shows that the problem only occurs
>on messages addressed to users at the same domain as that entered in the
>General settings of SIMS.
>So, what domain should I tell SIMS it's on? It's on the LAN at
> behind a router doing NAT, by the way.
>Thanks again for any suggestions,

You could try simply <Unknown> =

Your default domain is treated slightly different, in that any router entry
without a domain is assumed to be in the default.  AFAIK you cannot specify
that domain explicitly in a router line.

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