Mailing List Message #6259
From: Kreme <>
Subject: Re: Macjordomo?
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 14:15:24 -0600
To: SIMS Discussions <>
X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Version 4.3.1
At 15:36 6/21/2000 -0400, you wrote:
on 6/21/00 3:20 PM, Kreme at wrote:

>> Will SIMS be able to handle this?
> easily.

What are some "ideal" settings in the SMTP and POP for SIMS to runs fast?
Numbers of connections 'n stuff?

This is more a function of your connection.  If you have a T1 or better, open it up to maximums.

If you have a modem, anything over 5x5 is going to be causing more trouble than it's worth.

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