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From: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Subject: Re: [OT] Getting rid of Sendmail
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 17:24:50 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
I know this is going to sound real silly... I just installed Linux on a
PowerMac  and booted it up, and I see that Sendmail is running (and
probably as an open relay too). Does anyone know where to locate Sendmail
in Linux and how to tell it to quit?

first off, do this immediately from a console:

ps aux

which will return a list of processes and their ids which are related to ("ps aux | grep sendmail" if you want to try to pick out sendmail specifically). The process id number (pid) will be the very first number in the columns returned by the above ps command. Do a "kill pid" (as root) and verify that sendmail is indeed killed by its absence in a new ps list. That will get you where you want to be at this moment (no sendmail), and if you never reboot the server or restart sendmail, you're OK.

To make it more permanent, you need to edit sendmail out from the list of processes that are run at startup. First you need to know what run level you are in, and it will help to know if you are running a Redhat-based Linux (likely). If you boot to a console log-in, you are in runlevel 3, but if the first thing you see at log-in is a graphical screen and you are immediately dumped into X-Windows after log-in, you are in runlevel 5. You can verify for sure what runlevel you are in by looking at the /etc/inittab file. It will have a line "id:N:initdefault:", where N is the runlevel.

Anyway, if you are in runlevel 5, there are several nice graphical frontends that allow you to change your startup scripts in drag-n-drop fashion. If you are in console mode (runlevel 3), you will have to do it by hand, and this is where it is important to know if you are running a Redhat-based install.

Since the instructions may diverge at this point, lemme know where you are with the above questions and we can take it off-line...

Stefan Jeglinski

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