Mailing List Message #6310
From: Elliot Wilen <>
Subject: RE: DUL RBL and trusted hosts
Date: 24 Jun 00 11:17:36 -0700
To: SIMS <>
X-Mailer: QuickMail Pro 1.5.3 (Mac)
I agree with Tod, and I'd request that Stalker go a step further: bypass
RBL checking for a given IP address if a successful POP access has been
conducted in the last N minutes, just as with relaying.

(This may already be there--I haven't tested. But given Tod's experience,
I thought I'd mention it.)

Also, I assume that if you put an IP in the client IP address list, no
RBL checking is done on connections from that address. Is that right? If
not, it's another common-sense idea which could be useful.

--Elliot Wilen

Tod Fitch wrote:
>SIMS 1.8b8, Mac OS8.1, 7200/75
>Here is the question: Shouldn't SIMS realize that the sender has been
>validated via the SMTP AUTH as being a "good guy" and by pass the RBL
>checks. Perhaps putting the IP address of the SMTP AUTH validated
>sender into the host IP addresses for the duration of the transfer
>would allow roving employees to send via normally black listed DUL
>Tod Fitch

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