Mailing List Message #6314
From: Elliot Wilen <>
Subject: RE: message thrashing, how to fixt?
Date: 25 Jun 00 12:52:22 -0700
To: SIMS <>
X-Mailer: QuickMail Pro 1.5.3 (Mac)
For starters, I would ask for copies of the hourly messages, just to make
sure that it's SIMS which is repeating the transmission, and not some
intermediary mail transport, or his POP server, or a problem with his mail
client. Use the Received: information to see just where the repetition is


Avi Rappoport wrote:
>I sent out a newsletter yesterday via ListSTAR POP and now one of my
>subscribers is complaining that he's getting a copy every hour.
>My logs do show his original address (not, of course, the one he's
>complaining from) got more than one copy of the message.  I looked in
>the Queue listings and it's marked as "transmitted".    The mailing
>list software was off all night, and I've set him to be a
>mailer-daemon, so it will ignore all future messages from him, but I
>want to make sure the guy never ever gets another message from the
>Any suggestions on where else to look and how to abort any new messages?

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