Mailing List Message #6331
From: Wayne Irvine <>
Subject: HELO problems
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 10:35:24 +1000
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
A client is moving their connection to ADSL and as a result is changing
IP's. Their ISP is quite slow to change DNS settings and there are always
problems with propagation so to minimise disruption I put a copy of SIMS on
the old IP address and set it up to forward all mail to the new IP.

Tested it by sending an email from Hotmail. It hits SIMS on the old IP and
is forwarded to the new IP. Perfect.

Except the SMTP server at the ISP doesn't seem to like SIMS. I only have a
third party description of the problem but apparently the ISP's SMTP server
issues a 'HELO' command and SIMS fails to verify the address. Sounds like an
anti-spam feature, but the server should be open an accepting mail.

Anyone shed some light on this?

Wayne Irvine

                  Byte Services Pty Ltd

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