Mailing List Message #6336
From: Dave Martin <>
Subject: OT: how to impersonate myself
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 08:19:29 -0500
To: SIMS Discussions <>
X-Mailer: Claris Emailer 2.0v3, January 22, 1998
Jeff Alpher <> wrote:
>When I register for a website, e.g. some info site that requires an email
>addr so they can send you a password, I'll typically use the domain name
>of the site as the email addr, e.g.
>Then I'll add:
>  <egghead> = jalpher
>in the SIMS router. Mostly I'm just curious to see who is reselling my
>name, but if the addr fell into the wrong hands, I'd change it to:
>  <egghead> = error

I do similarly, but have a catch-all...I use a wildcard, so I can create
any address on the spot and know it will not only work immediately, but
I'll still be able to trace spam source. Instead of filling the router
with all these individual entries, there's just the one (at least until
spam comes through on one of 'em). For example:

     <my-*> = myaccount

And instead of routing to error, route to case they've
managed to get ahold of other user accounts on your system and are
sending bulk. Once you know someone is sending spam to the address, you
can assume any other message which *includes* that address as another
recipient is spam, thus might as well block it for all recipients at your

"Christopher" <> then wrote:
>What would be nice would be an email client, even just an
>SMTP client, that has the email address/reply-to settings as fields in any
>new email.

It actually used to be more common "in the olden days", but with spamming
and spoofing and mail clients which hide all the "blah blah" header
details, most modern clients either don't allow it or (like Eudora, as
others pointed out) require the user to set a little-known option. While
it's a pain, I just keep a "Proxy" account in Emailer, and edit it
whenever I need to either send a message with a spam-tracking address, or
to do something on behalf of one of my users here.

Dave Martin (Microcomputer Specialist)
Texas A&M University English Department  *  (409) 845-8344  *  Blocker 218D

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