Mailing List Message #6341
From: Elliot Wilen <>
Subject: Re: Problem with SIMS and DUL
Date: 28 Jun 00 13:17:55 -0700
To: SIMS <>
X-Mailer: QuickMail Pro 1.5.4 (Mac)
Nope, I'm using 1.8b8, which as Tod notes is the first to support
extended RBL reply checking via the static BlackList. It works now that I've
followed Steve's instruction. Thanks, guys.


Tod Fitch wrote:
>At 8:19 AM +0100 6/28/00, Steve Linford wrote:
>>  >From Elliot Wilen, received 28/06/2000, 12:44 am +0100 (GMT):
>>  > Problem: MAPS DUL does not return for listed addresses.
>>  > returns
>>You need to put the following line into SIMS' SMTP blacklist, this
>>the problem:
>> -
>IIRC you also need to be running SIMS v1.8b8 for this to work. I
>could be that Elliot is running the last "release" which I think is

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