Mailing List Message #6367
From: Cerebus D Aardvark <>
Subject: Re: spam via mx secondary
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 10:01:08 -0600
To: SIMS Discussions <>
On 7/2/00 at 01:39 -0400, Anubis said:
A quick test from here shows that isn't an open
relay.  Not an extensive test, but I'm wondering if it isn't SIMS telling
you that it's blacklisting that host on its own, because of the invalid
recipient.  Notice it says it's blacklisting the host for so many seconds
each time.

Yes, this happened to me when my primary machine was blacklisted.  I but myself in the clients list and that took care of that.  I think your secondaries IP should be in your client list.

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