Mailing List Message #6369
From: Steve Linford <>
Subject: Re: spam via mx secondary
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 19:36:49 +0100
To: SIMS Discussions <>
>From Stonewall Ballard, received 02/07/2000, 3:40 pm +0100 (GMT):
> At 10:36 AM +0100 7/2/00, Steve Linford wrote:
> >If this is the case, and is in your Client List (as your
> >secondary MX it should be, if it's not you need to add it)
> Why should a secondary MX be in the Client List? The only email you
> get from it should be addressed to local accounts. If you put it in
> the client list, won't someone be able to relay through your SIMS
> server indirectly via the secondary MX?

Ehm, scrub that, I wasn't thinking (of course it's the secondary that needs
the promary's IP and not vice-versa. It's the beer you see, and being a
Sunday too I wasn't fully dressed when I wrote that ;-)

  Steve Linford

  Ultradesign Xperimental Network

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