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From: Rod Holmes <>
Subject: Changing Boxes--2 Questions
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 15:38:33 +0900
To: <>
Hello SIMs'ers,

I've been running V1.8b3 as a background application for over a year. I'm changing boxes from a PowerComputing clone to a B/W G3 for web & e-mail serving. I'm also changing co-locators from Vancouver, Canada to Tokyo, Japan (I finally found a cheap, big-pipe connection here).

I'm doing the swap Wednesday evening and have the whole plan ready, but it involves stopping my SIMs server and allowing the secondary server in Canada to collect any e-mail for a few hours or so while the MX records get changed and waiting for the people in Canada come into work (very different time zones make this an interesting task).

To stop SIMs as a background application, I simply have to remove it from the extensions folder and then restart, right?

While configuring my new server I clicked on the "Get Latest Version" button on the SIMs Web-based admin page on my server. I downloaded and installed it without ever really looking at it. Yesterday while going into the admin page I saw that I'm running V1.7. I'D wrongly thought it the "latest version" link would download the most recent beta version...duhhhh.

So, after downloading the latest tried and true beta version, what do I do? I'd guess I convert it to a background app, and then drop it into the system folder and let it overwrite the older version, then restart. Is there anything else I need to do?

If you would, please reply directly to me--I'm a digest-reader and would prefer not to wait this time.

Thanks for the help!

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