Mailing List Message #6386
From: Hal Taylor <>
Subject: Re: (not so) Obvious spam address
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 12:20:45 -0700
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express Macintosh Edition - 4.5 (0410)
Steve's point is valid, nonetheless.  Writing an algorithm to check the
validity of an email address based on the characters it contains is not
straightforward.  And couldn't you imagine a valid user name that has two
sets of numbers, ie, "19fred67" or "2cool4u"?

Daniel wrote:
> At 6:23 PM +0100 7/5/00, Steve Linford wrote:
>>Problem is that that's only an obvious spam address to a human, to SIMS
>>that's just ASCII - it doesn't know that "A24kJf32" is any different to
> Not so - Fred108 only has one set of numbers in the name.

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