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From: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Subject: Re: Obvious spam address
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 15:47:17 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
If SIMS doesn't do
it soon, I suspect it will lose a sizeable portion of its customer
base to OSX which deals with this sort of thing through Unix.

The ones who really need this will jump to Communigate Pro, which they can have -now-. The SIMS user-base will not be decimated any more than it is now. Besides, the SIMS customer base is already decimated by EIMS, isn't it? :-)

Unix geeks who realize and need the power of this are (or should be) already using sendmail or the equivalent. There will be few Mac users who will be able to tackle this without dropping into the command line world (which is to say, they'll bail on it and live like they have). Except for Kreme's Army which will use Webmin :-)

Since OSX will not be mainstream for another year (seriously) and solutions other than Communigate Pro for OSX may or may not be ready at that point, I might not use the word "soon."

I think Stalker has always PLANNED or HOPED that SIMS would lose customer base to OSX. Makes business sense to me...

Anyway, back on-topic:

It would be very nice to have router entries such as money*@* (for

This I -would- like to see and hope that it is not too much to ask of Stalker. In fact, I think Dmitry already stated that this is upcoming. Who knows, maybe your regex parser is coming up too!

Stefan Jeglinski

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