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From: Daniel Solomons <>
Subject: Re: (not so) Obvious spam address
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 17:34:06 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
Hello -

At 5:57 PM -0400 7/5/00, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:
The problem I see in Daniel's argument, and the one that I think most
here subscribe to, is not the functionality that he requests.

Bill Cole seemed to disagree with the functionality, unless I am mistaken. I'm still not sure *why* he disagreed.

we'd all like a magic bullet.

We would! (But I'd never ask for one.)

And I'd say that SIMS is as close to as
we've come and are going to come. Reason being that "free" is part of
the magic.


So, we should continue to request "pretty please" improvements to
this fine program.

Yes. Politely, but without trepidation.

Daniel, I think that people are sort of ganging up
on you, because of a slight chip on your shoulder it would seem.

They're ganging up on me? Actually, I've been terribly impressed with so many people trying to help. I do appreciate it.

sure I quite wrong in reality about the chip, but appearances count
in listee's impressions.

If there's an apparent chip on my shoulder, it's because I always set out to accomplish what others decide can't be done. It's too easy to think things can't get any better, especially if you like what you've got. (Which we do.)

I don't disagree with anything anyone has said so far. Just the amount of difficulty involved. Nothing I suggested should take more than 20 seconds to produce - 3 hours with staggering brilliance.

You actually used the word "silly" in a backhanded reference to SIMS.

I did use the word "silly" - but not so much as a backhanded reference. I referred *directly* to SIMS. No insult intended. It's just a piece of software. Maybe *I* was silly calling the lack of ability "silly" rather than "avoidable" :-)

I'm not saying your ideas are necessarily bad, and we are all big
enough here to let "silly" slide off the back, but from your writings
I respectfully submit that you do not appear to be a C/C++

Why do you say that? (I first learned C more than 20 years ago....)

Can a computer do what you want? Of course. Can it be
programmed? Sure. Will it interfere with a lean and mean mail server?
Maybe, maybe not.

If SIMS is programmed in C, then it *certainly* can check for "obvious" spam addresses without losing it's lean-meanness.

Can it be implemented faster or more wisely in the
plodding pace that is customary for FREE software?

Such as Linux? :>

I agree that there is a lot of bad software available, but I would *never* challenge myself to be better than that. I aim to be better than the *best.* Do I ask too much of Stalker?

As a programmer
myself, I say doubtful.

Really? Why? (Don't mean to sound challenging. Just chatting.)

If you think otherwise, it is definitely time
for you to put up or shut up.

Put up? How? C handles regx expressions. I didn't suggest the specific code because I assumed it was obvious.

Even if you protest that you are not a
SIMS developer, I know of 2 front/back ends for SIMS that have been
written (Mailburst and a web mail interface whose name escapes me
[check archives]).

Sort of defeats the element of lean-and-mean, I think. I'd rather assist Stalker, if they have difficulty.

 So, like I said before, hop to it. Meanwhile, keep
your suggestions coming. I don't care if you respect my opinion or
not, but I think a bit more respect for the SIMS developers is in

I respect you for your reasoned replies. I respect the SIMS developers for developing SIMS. If they engage in reasoned dialog with us, and improve their product as a result, I respect that as more than they have yet accomplished. And if they ignore everything I say, I respect that as the best they can do.

I think a REAL SIMS programmer (Dmitry for example) could say a lot
here. I learned a long time ago (as a programmer) not to use the
words "silly," "easy," etc. Got burned too many times.

Personally, I like nothing better than to state my assumptions boldly, and be proved incredibly, hysterically *wrong* :->



Daniel Solomons
Internet Central

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