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From: Daniel Knight <>
Subject: Re: (not so) Obvious spam address
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 09:26:54 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
X-Mailer: Claris Emailer 2.0v3, January 22, 1998
>>I would say the vast majority of regular email will have the
>>Message-ID.  However, a lot of mailing list mail will not.
>No Message-ID at all? I haven't seen this myself.

Just returned from a week's vacation to find this fascinating thread. I
run a lot of email lists. Some postings do not have a Message-ID field.
They are bounced by some servers even though the field is considered

Also, another thing I've seen a lot of over the past week or two is email
with no return address, no reply to addres -- at least in Emailer. Here's
the long header from one:

>Received: from [] (HELO caljill) by (Stalker
>SMTP Server 1.8b8) with SMTP id S.0000345729; Sat, 08 Jul 2000 19:34:49 -0400
>Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2000 19:34:52 -0400

I'd love to have the option of SIMS bouncing any email with a blank
subject, blank sender, or blank reply to.

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