Mailing List Message #6562
From: Tod Fitch <>
Subject: Re: SIMS as relay server
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 08:59:05 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 4.2.2
At 08:39 AM 7/20/2000 , Simon Forster wrote:
Quick question just to make sure that I've got this right...

I want to set up a copy of SIMS as a secondary email server relaying through
to my primary. As I only want to relay my mail am I right in saying that I
need to:

- Select 'Relay For Clients Only' and then specify no Client Hosts.
(Although realistically there may be one or two.)

- Set a router config along the lines of ''
where '' is the primary mail server. Repeat for each domain I'm
secondarying for.

Can someone just confirm that this is correct (or let me know if I've got it
wrong). A cc to me direct would be good too.

You are right about setting relay for clients only and you need not have any clients listed in the secondary's configuration. This is because there will be a routing entry that will catch the mail and forward it.

Your router entry should be of the form: =

(Requires the .smtp routing available in V1.8bN where N is some number I have forgotten. 1.8b8 is very stable and has it.)

This will route any mail that gets through your black list processing on to the next most preferred mail server. With appropriate DNS entries that will be your primary mail server.

I suggest you configure your secondary to use the same anti-spam features as you would use on your primary.

Because of the anti-harvesting features of SIMS you will need to list your secondary server as a "client host" in your primary: Your secondary knows nothing of the individual user accounts on the primary and so will queue all mail regardless of user name. If you are down for a while and a number of pieces of mail get queued in your secondary that have bad user accound names then when the secondary forwards them all in a short amount of time your primary may flag your secondary as temporarily blacklisted. You don't want that to happen, so place your secondary's IP address into the client hosts list.

Since your secondary needs to be a "trusted host" (in the client hosts list) it should take the same precautions against spam as your primary.

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