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????: Re: Trying to run 1.8b8 on a 7200/75
????: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 06:28:19 -0700
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I don't have a solution to your problem, but I have been running SIMS 1.8b8 on a PM7200/75 for quite some time. That machine is running stock OS8.1 and whatever OT comes with 8.1 (1.3?).

Tod Fitch

At 7:38 PM -0500 7/23/00, Jeff Folk wrote:
Hi all;

I really enjoy this list and could use some help.

I am running SIMS 1.8b8 on two other servers [a PM 7100 and a Quadra 650]
and am trying to move my PowerMac 7200/75 in the office from EIMS 1.3 to
SIMS as well. I have no trouble with the other machines, and never have.
SIMS doesn't want to run on my 7200. SIMS will appear to start and run, and
I can configure with Communigator. The correct ports appear on my server
when I port scan it, but I can't log in to check mail or send mail. What's
worse, when I choose 'Quit' from the file menu, the computer freezes,
forcing me to 'force quit' SIMS. I also end up with what looks like mail
files in the trash when SIMS is run.

Can someone please help me out. Setting up the other two machines was way
too easy, and I was hoping this one would be too.

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