Mailing List Message #6601
From: Avi Rappoport <>
Subject: Re: SIMS as relay server
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 10:01:34 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 9:00 AM -0400 7/25/2000, Bill Cole wrote:
At 1:05 PM +0100 7/25/00, Simon Forster  imposed structure on a stream of
electrons, yielding:

Anyway, I'd taken the 'Domain Name' setting (in 'General') literally and had
put in the name of the domain as opposed to the name of the server.
Originally, I'd set it to the servers name but then I read what it was
asking for and thought that maybe it wanted the domain name that the server
was meant to be working with. However, this didn't make much sense to me
(for obvious reasons) so I switched it back when I was having problems.

Nice to see that you figured it out.

It might make sense for Stalker to relabel that as "Fully Qualified Domain
Name" although that as well is a bit misleading. Note that technically a
'domain name' is ANY name in dotted-domain style, whether it is a
2nd-level domain name like or the name of a specific host like

I used "host name" in manuals, and people seemed to get it.  Much easier to understand than FQDN.

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