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On 07/27/00 at 05:00, SIMS@mail.stalker.com wrote:

> Hm. On a vaguely-related topic, does anyone know of a Mac (or Windows)
> program which functions like Unix vacation? I.e., when activated, it
> will periodically examine a POP account, maintain a list of
> originating addresses (based on an appropriate line of the header,
> probably the Sender), and each time a new address appears, send an
> autoreply via SMTP. When the program is deactivated and reactivated,
> it will discard the list of originating addresses and start a new one.
> The idea is to avoid loops, since only one autoreply is sent to each
> unique sender. If such a program were widely disseminated, I think it would
> save a lot of headaches.

Autoshare (which works with SIMS) has a vacation notice feature that will send
only one notice back to each incoming address. It can also ignore messages
with 'Bulk' priority to avoid sending vacation notices to lists.

> Steven Oberlechner wrote:
> >I had set up one of my user accounts with an auto-reply.
> >Unfortunately, he got a message with an autoreply on the other end,
> >and the endless loop of replies then  inflated his mailbox to 220 Mb
> >before I caught it. Is there an automatic way to prevent this from
> >happening. Is there a way in the router for me to at least reject
> >mail coming from the address with the auto-reply. I am still a router
> >newbie and would appreciate any comments on the topic.

For the quick and dirty router solution:

<offendingaddress@their.domain> = error

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