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From: Howard Shere <>
Subject: Re: Attachment size limits?
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 15:08:43 -0500
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
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>> At 08:29 7/25/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>> >Is there any limit on the size of mail attachements sent from or
>> >received by SIMS? If so, what are the limits? I have some users sending
>> >court filings that are as large as 15 MB or more. (Yes, I know material
>> >this size should be ftp'ed but recipients do not all have or know how to
>> >use ftp.) All of the intended recipients have high speed connections,
>> >usually T1 equivalent or better.
>> The only thing you can limit is the size of the mailbox.
>> There is no realistic way to limit the size of outgoing data mail since
>> sims doesn't know the size until the transmission is done.
> The SIMS server I run is for a magazine publisher. We routinely have
> advertisers sending us photos and other files in the 10 - 20 MB range by
> e-mail. Aside from the fact that I'd rather they used some other protocol like
> ftp, it's not usually a problem unless the recipient isn't deleting messages
> from the server in a timely manner. No matter how often I tell them to do so,
> I still get calls every so often from some user (usually the same one or two
> people) saying, 'I can't get my mail, it keeps stalling in the middle of
> downloading messages. What's wrong?' Invariably, when I look into it, the
> user's mailbox is like 50 MB or more and I end up having to open it in BBEdit
> (or Mailsmith's POP Monitor) to delete messages manually.

Get all your Mac customers to get Mail Siphon. This'll let them get in a
delete just the message they need to.

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