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????: Re: Routing Help, Please
????: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 05:41:05 -0700
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At 11:55 PM -0700 8/7/00, clyde wrote:
> >>> I want to add a router entry to trap all mail addressed to accounts with
>>>> the "sn-" prefix and route it to the appropriate snafu.net account. How?
>>> No, you don't.  Really.
>> I don't? Really?
>> Why don't I?
>> If it's possible to clearly discern for whom the mail is intended, why
>> wouldn't I want to deliver it?
>> --
>because you've already set Sims up to route valid snafu addresses with the
>router entry of:
>*@snafu.net = sn-*

Yes, and now I'd like to catch those invalid addresses where it is obvious who the intended recipient is. Even the US Postal Service does this. Surely we can do as much...  ;)

>Anyone sending mail to sn-joe@snafu.net would be  routed by your router to
>the SIMS account of sn-sn-joe which probably doesn't exist and should

"Should" as in There's no such account, yes. But Can't we do better than that?

>If someone sends mail to bozo@snafu.net, it should bounce... Unless you've
>created a SIMS account called sn-bozo


>Does that help...

No. You're telling me that I shouldn't do it as opposed to helping me figure out how I can.

>If the sn- is getting sent out as the email address then your mailer, eudura
>or outlook express is configured wrong.

That was the case in this instance and I walked the client through correcting it. However, even with things set up correctly, I've seen people that saw the X-Sender header containing the account name and sent mail to that. (It looks a lot like an email address.)

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