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????: Re: Resetting Communigator
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On 08/30/00, Wayne Irvine wrote:

> Yes, there are 3 accounts on the server, all of them have "Allow to
> connect..." priviledges. One of them is the Guest account.

I know this is a little off the topic of the thread, but I feel compelled to
point out that giving the Guest account program linking privileges is a Very
Bad Idea. From the rest of the thread, I suspect that you're only doing this
for the purpose of troubleshooting your immediate problem, which is OK as long
as you only do it for as long as is necessary for the troubleshooting and you
turn it off immediately as soon as you're done. If the Guest account is
allowed to use program linking, then _anyone_ who finds the machine on your
network (or, worse, on the internet if you're using OS 9 with TCP/IP program
linking) can take control of applications running on it and do Bad Things.

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