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KIU ("keep it up") is a great application for doing this.  You can tell it to launch SIMS, and you can also configure it to re-launch SIMS if SIMS crashes (although SIMS never seems to crash), and can set it to reboot the machine on a weekly basis or if there were XX number of SIMS crash/relaunch occurances.  It also provides a web interface for monitoring the server, log files, etc.

I have SIMS installed on a Mac that is sometimes used as a workstation for publishing applications.  If one of the users "quits" from SIMS when they are done, I have KIU set to wait 5 minutes to be sure they're gone, then relaunch SIMS for me.

KIU is at <http://www.vl-brabant.be/mac/>

                                - Paul

At 8:02 AM -0400 8/30/00, Daniel Knight wrote:
>I've moved SIMS to a new iMac 350, where it's the only application. For
>stability, I prefer to launch programs _after_ the Finder instead of
>using the Startup Items folder. Rather than buy another copy of Quickeys
>just to launch one application, I'm wondering what options exist to
>launch an application after the Finder is up and running.
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