Mailing List Message #6896
From: Tod Fitch <>
Subject: Re: AntiSpam Beginners Tips?
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 09:33:19 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 4.2.2
At 08:44 AM 10/4/2000 , Thomas Schefter wrote:

my SIMS 1.7 was down last week because the use as a relay for 100 000 SPAM- Mails from earthlink,, etc.
In the last years I was very happy with SIMS, no problems, no crash although big attachments (up to 50 MB)

Please help with understandable tips how to close the open relay.
- I cant check -relay for clients only- because there are many travellers who dail up per aol an check their account on my SIMS- I dont know ther ip- number
- what ist a good choice as a RBL- Server?


P.S.: I have updated to SIMS 1.8b8.

The upgrade to 1.8b8 is good. You should turn on relay for clients only. You can have your traveling clients use check before send to authenticate themselves, or if their mail client allows SMTP AUTH.

This will allow them to send mail from their traveling AOL accounts. (If all they are doing is checking mail, this is not a "relay" situation because the mail received was mail for accounts on your SIMS server.)

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