Mailing List Message #7127
From: Paul List Hess <>
Subject: Re: "Leave Mail on Server"
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 08:30:00 -0800
To: <sims>
A lot of users have the option set to "Skip messages over ___K" (Eudora).  When they receive large attachments they can click a button to download it, or click another button to delete it from the server.  Problem is, they often do neither because they don't remember, don't know, or don't care.   So the large message is just orphaned there in their mailbox on your server.  Over time their mailbox grows and grows.

The only solution is to either empty out the box, or to look at it and selectively delete the large old files with a utility like Mail Siphon.

At 9:25 PM -0700 11/14/00, Warren Michelsen wrote:
>What are the signs within a mail account file, that the client has checked "Leave Mail on Server." I have one client that has a chronically growing account file and periodically I empty it out after he assures me he's received all his mail. I've asked him if his mail client is set to "Leave Mail on Server" and he insists that it is not.
>In the account file, are there codes or indicators that show the status of each email -- delivered or not?
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